Language of the Night


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Our second collection of songs after quite a long hiatus.
Recorded by Shibboleth during Spring 2015
Mixed and mastered by Cody Baresich and Shibboleth at
Circle A Studios
Artwork by Matt MacLean


released July 12, 2015

Matt MacLean - Drums/Vocals
Devin Bernard - Guitar/Bass



all rights reserved


SHIBBOLETH Victoria, British Columbia

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Track Name: Divide and Conquer
Splitting the truth into two
Deception wears only black and white
Life’s precious flowers will never appear
To you
Untainted they bloom
Track Name: Affliction
A painful anomaly emerges
Written off upon recognition
Steer clear, do not acknowledge
Social werewolves
Stained by stigma
A clergy arises
Clean, compliant, compassionless
Ever vigilant to call out all transgressors
Unable to touch upon your own darkness
You cannot see the plagues you cast upon others
Little do you know how deeply afflicted you are yourself
Track Name: Phantoms
Why is it that all you are able to do is take?
Devouring everything for yourself
Thinking nothing of that from which you feed
What is it that makes this such a way to live?
Is your situation actually one of need?
Or have you merely learned to take your fill
Whenever the opportunity presents itself?
Turning a blind eye to everything
But your selfish fulfillment
Phantoms lost and tangled in the weeds
Track Name: Liminal
Thresholds. borderlands, nightmares
Dwelling places of transition
Here creation dies in reverse
Dawn recedes into the darkest of days
Enigmas allure yet cease to compel
In this, the furnace of fatality
Where stark and starving shadows
Descend (upon) stairwells
Carving themselves out of existence
Track Name: Enslaver
Chains of comfort
Shackle you in your place
To dwell on the periphery of life
Forces so real, yet non-existent they feel
Too painful to look into the eyes of your enslaver
Track Name: Fortress
Mystery resides within
Uncharted contours of mind
Limitless layers of deception
Shatter the gates of the self

Like castles of sand
Are your bastions of belief
Built upon dreams
Bedrock of dust
Your relation with the course of life?
To impose, prescribe, and solidify

Fabrication upon fabrication (x3)

Everything to protect yourself
From a more full-blooded encounter
Nothing is achieved by erecting pillars of truth
In a boundless sea where form emerges and dissolves
Moment by moment
Track Name: Lifeless Ruins
Like puppets without strings
Manipulated from without
Karmic enforcers, architects of impulse
Bestow the inescapable energy of habit
Our existential molding
Born of countless causes and conditions
And yet we speak of freedom
I of mine, you of yours
Missing the mark, entrapped we feel
Liberation without a sense of what binds
The parlance of freedom
Is the parlance of dreams
Lifeless ruins
Track Name: Masks of Death
An edifice of composure
Surrender to the ideals of culture
Masks of death walk the streets
What is it that needs to be concealed?
In a world where product rules the day
What of the producer?