Sunder EP

by Shibboleth

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released February 2, 2016

Matt MacLean - drums/vocals
Devin Bernard - guitar/bass

Mixed and mastered by Cody Baresich




Shibboleth Victoria, British Columbia

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Track Name: Sunder
Your stories, contrived and misplaced
Your lives, bleak and enchained
Hurling your woes upon the world
Never look at the source

Project internals, blame externals
On your crusade to change the world
Opposition must be delineated

Thus arises the two-fold world
Embrace affinity, condemn difference
Unworkable paradigm

How long can you fool yourself for
A time will come when you will have to
Face yourself
Track Name: Stations
Have you not seen the darkness in our hearts?
You who would only see what pleases
Never see with discerning eyes
Spectres inhabit the surface
The all to surefooted surface of things
Someday your lens will wear thin
For your place of repose is only temporary
As are all stations
Track Name: The Toll
All that you think - money
All that you do - money
All that you breathe - money
All that you become - money
Money is your love
And money is your purpose
And yet you are not worth a penny to me (nor I to you)
Alas, you know the price of everything and the value of nothing